Secondhand Sunday

This week’s #secondhandsunday features our first estate finds as a married couple!  Mrs. Glass and I took Baby Glass to Portland, Oregon in April of 2013.  It was part honeymoon (We were married January 2013), part reconnaissance mission (we are ever-striving to live in the Pacific Northwest, especially the Portland area), and part family visit (my wife’s aunt and uncle live in Washington state).  We had an amazing time driving around looking for place to live because at the time we were certain that one of the many, many jobs in that area that I had applied for at the time would come through. [

Not one of them did, but we obviously didn’t know that then]

One of the jobs I had applied for was in the Educational Technology department at Reed College, near Portland, so we drove out to see the campus and scope out potential housing in the vicinity.  On our travels, we spotted signs for an estate sale which turned out to be at the home of a late professor from the school.  His items were amazing and we wish we had had the budget and luggage to get more than we did, but we are very happy with our selections.

The book is amazing.  It has a bunch of historical pictures and maps of the evolution of Portland from a tiny shipping town into the bustling metropolis that it had become in the 1970s, when the book was written.

The fishing reel is a vintage Four Brothers Pontiac #357 trolling reel complete with a near-full spool of line.

The flashlight is a Ray-o-vac Hunter lantern, which has sparked in me a love for vintage flashlights.  I only have two so far (the other one is another estate sale find, to be featured at a later date), but I look for them everywhere I go.

All in all, a hell of a good run for our first estate sale together.

Happy hunting,

David Glass


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