Five-Minute Betterment: “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

I had my second ever “silent migraine” today.  Silent migraines are migraine headaches that happen without the excruciating headache.  In my case, they are also accompanied by auras in my field of vision, difficulty speaking, and numbness and tingling in one arm and my face.  It’s pretty terrifying.  The first time I had one was about nine years ago.  I didn’t know what was happening so I looked up the symptoms on WebMD and a lot of the symptoms are shared with things like strokes and retinal tears.  So I freaked out.  Especially the first time.  I wound up going to the neurologist and getting an MRI and everything was fine but for it was pure terror for a couple of days.  It wasn’t as bad this time because I knew what it was, but I wasn’t expecting it because it’s been so long and one of my biggest fears is going blind so it was still shook me up.  Anyway, the whole thing passed within an hour or so and I’m fine now.

The experience reminded me that we tend to take our senses for granted.  We don’t take the time to think about how fortunate we are to be able to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.  What blows me away is that you can’t really taste without smelling or smell without tasting because the two are so intertwined.  Or how smell is the sense most closely tied to memory.  Or how you could literally bleed out internally or succumb to some other condition if you had no feeling in your body.  It’s crazy.

So today’s Five-Minute Betterment is about taking some time to appreciate the beauty around you: your spouse or your kids, the sunset, your favorite song, a passage from your favorite book (or your favorite blog wink wink), a delicious treat.  Find something beautiful and embrace it.  Turn the entirety of your attention on it and appreciate it and only it for a small part of your day.  This is something you should be doing all the time, but start small and do it consciously and diligently, allowing that beauty to grow in your life.  Because it’s right there in front of us, we just have to look for it.


D. Glass


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