[Hello again, Dear Reader!  Let me start with a little self-deprecation and tell you how worthless I feel looking back and seeing that the last time I posted a substantial post was last week.  I have about three other major ones in the works that I will hopefully have done this week, so hopefully I can get my former pace back up.  Anyway, let’s continue..]

Today’s featured Secondhand Sunday item is a very special one to me.  I have a collection of four typewriters that I have gathered over the years, but this one take the cake.  It is a portable manual Smith-Corona Classic 12 and it’s in extremely good condition.  I got it from my parents for my birthday in 2013 and while that’s cool and all, it gives me a chance  to take a moment and highlight the original owner of this typewriter.

My ‘Aunt’ Marlene was an elementary school teacher for 30+ years and she remained one of the sweetest and most caring people I have ever met.  She truly adored her students and they, in turn, cherished her.  Marlene and my mom worked together at the same school for a number of years and bonded over quilting, cooking, and (although by marriage on my mom’s account) a common Czechoslovakian heritage.  She tragically passed away several years ago now, but her family didn’t have an estate sale until a couple of years ago.  My parents had attended and found this typewriter, which has now made its way to me and it is my most prized typewriter and one of the finest things I own.

I will always miss Aunt Marlene.  She was a great lady and the world was lucky to have her.


D. Glass


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