“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” – Ernest Hemingway


I am going to turn 31 in just under 30 days.  I feel time kind of picking up speed as the months as years go back and a lot of time and focus go into a job that I don’t really care for.  I feel like I’m a good husband and a good dad, but, like a lot of people I know, I feel like I am not quite where I want to be as a man.  It has been kind of a rough year this past year so as way to ensure that this coming year starts off better, I am going to do the Be a Better Man in 30 Days project from Art of Manliness.  This entails the completion of daily tasks that are targeted toward your overall improvement as a man.  I did it before last summer but I think it’s a good thing to revisit every now and then, and I’ll be posting every few days with updates on my progress.  I would really like you, Dear Reader, to join me on this adventure and I hope that you will get as much out of this experience as I did and hopefully will this time around.  I strongly encourage you to click through and read the articles that are associated with each task as they give not only directions for completion but also insight and wisdom for achieving the full experience.  So, here we go.

The tasks for Day One and Day Two are to Define Your Core Values and Shine Your Shoes respectively.

My core values are pretty much the same as last time.  I went through the process of thinking through them again and reworded some stuff, but the end result was very similar.  They are, somewhat in order:

DH&M – The Family Glass: Me, my wife, and our daughter.  This is how we most commonly refer to our family unit. 

TCOB – Taking Care of Business.  Enough said.

Betterment – Always striving to be a better person in a better world.

Creation – This covers just about everything that I take and make into something else, i.e. music, cooking, salvaging

I oiled my Chippewas and my wife’s Steve Madden boots a week or two ago, and I did my Clark’s and my dress shoes today.  It’s nice to know that they’re all waterproof and looking good and my wife especially appreciated me doing hers as well.

Again, I hope you take the time to join me in this and feel free to comment with progress or questions.


D. Glass


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