If there was a worthy cause for to give to may I be so bold as to say ‘The givers not knowing where their money’s going is as sinful as throwing away'”

Or:  Where Has All The Money Gone?

The David Glass Guide to Fixing a Nation

Step Two:  Restructuring Government Spending

We’re broke!  Not we, the Family Glass.  We, the United States of America, are broke.  Beyond broke.  To the tune of just over $19 trillion.  That’s 19,000,000,000,000.  Twelve zeroes.  There are two sites I would really like for you to look at and I’m going to include the links:



The first is a real-time National Debt clock for the United States.  At that site, you can sit and watch the estimated national debt climb at about $100,000 every ten seconds.  You can also watch estimations of increasing unemployment and student loans.  It’s all very nerve-wracking but also mesmerizing.  In fact, I’m going to go watch it get worse for a few minutes…

Ok, I’m back.

Whenever I think about outrageous outstanding debts our nation’s I think of a sagacious saying that my mother-in-law passed down to my wife which truly encapsulates our attitude towards unreasonable balances owed and the entities that attempt to collect them: “they can whistle for it.”


I went through the hellacious ordeal of ejecting a kidney stone maybe about a year and a half ago.  A trip to the ER got me enough of a prescription to get through about half of the week-long ordeal.  Dr. Jack Daniel’s took care of the rest.  That was maybe more painful than the times I’ve broken bones because there was really no relief and I couldn’t sleep more than a half an hour at a time.  Anyways, I didn’t (don’t) have health insurance because health insurance is a huge scam that I will cover in another post so I just got a couple of bills for the visit and the CT scan and everything.  A bill that has since fallen to the wayside.  Not that I wouldn’t like to pay them for their services.  I just can’t right now is all.  So, for now, they’re just gonna have to whistle for it.  Meaning that they can send all the bills they want, I just don’t have the money to pay that off right now.

I tell you this in confidence and hope that we’ve learned enough about one another by now that you understand that I’m not the kind of person that would purposefully shirk a financial obligation.  But times are tough and we need other things more than I need to pay off some ridiculous bill for hospital visit that worked less than a bottle of whiskey but cost a hundred times more.

I also tell you this because I think it’s important to prioritize one’s personal debt (I’m talking to you America).  Let’s look at it like this:  Yes, other countries, we owe you money and whatnot, but for now, [wait for it..] you’re just gonna have to whistle for it.  HA!  If we take some time and revisit how we spend the money we do have, we wouldn’t be so reliant on the global market anyway.

Here we go.

The government is too big and there are too many branches and agencies that don’t communicate.  A bunch of ‘elected’ officials [Electoral College rant to come] are being paid six figures to warm the leather (i. e. sitting in armchairs not doing anything. just made that up, by the way. feel free to use it.) and not make any real impact on, well, anything really.  Oh, and Congress can give themselves raises.  Because that makes sense.

I think that we need to weed out the redundancies in the government at all levels. There is too much time, energy, and money going into a government that isn’t really churning out much success.  We, the People, are like stockholders in a company.  We provide the capital, we should be able to expect dividends.  Obviously not monetary ones, but at least something more tangible than what we see now.  Maybe we should streamline the whole organization and have the government just provide basic services for now.  The military could stay and stave off any enemy attacks.  The USPS could stay to deliver the mail.  Maybe we could rotate out security/intelligence agencies so that each one can do an internal audit.  Because we need to be able to gather information regarding threats to our country, but they’re just doing kind of a sloppy job of it.  You know who needs some sprucing up is the FDA.  If you have a chance, just do a little research on how little research the FDA really does into companies and products and how limited their resources are compared to how many of their ‘approvals’ are coming out.  What else?  The Healthcare Marketplace.  The Department of Education (public education is awful said everyone ever).  The United States is ranked an estimated 50TH! in literacy rates worldwide.  The estimated literacy rate in the US is 99% but I think that’s a pretty high estimate.  The Treasury Department is worrisome.  The Department of Energy needs to embrace renewable energies.  Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

It’s the same thing I said about culture and commercial products.  We have to have higher standards and expect more from the people to whom we give our money.  Or they will continue to swindle us until the proverbial cows come home.  Oh yeah! The Department of Agriculture! They give subsidies to landowners so that those landowners won’t grow fruit, nuts, or other vegetables on land that has been reserved for corn, wheat, rice, and I think soy crops.  Notice I said landowners because these subsidies (which originate from taxpayer dollars) go to (sometimes fairly well-off) people in residential areas who live on land that was once subsidized by the government.  Seriously.

But as I was saying, expect more from your government.  Let’s promote accountability and a more efficient system.  It’ll be good for America and good for us, too.



P.S.- Just a quick reminder that I really do love being an America.  I think that being unhappy with the way things are makes me more patriotic than a lot of people because I know how great this country can be if we can get back in control of it.  America has kind of gotten away from us, but it’s not too far gone.  Not by a long shot.  God Bless America.


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