Secondhand Sunday


Today’s (yesterday’s) SHS is another awesome one.  I took Friday off from work because I wasn’t feeling well and there has been a lot of negativity at work lately.  So we three Glasses set out looking for estate sales amongst other things.  We hit three really good sales and got a really solid haul. I want to take the time to focus on each of the more substantial pieces, so I’ll start here.

Mrs. Glass spotted this box at our last stop and was immediately drawn to it.  It is crate that once contained 500 DuPont blasting caps.  She feels an extra attachment to it because her grandfather, known to all as BP, was a dynamite man back in the 1970s.  Yeah, I said it.  A Dynamite Man.  How cool is that?  If you’ve ever been to the western side of Austin, Texas, you’re probably familiar with the cliff faces that line the major thoroughfares in that area.  Do you know who had a hand in creating those beautiful geological edifices?  That’s right.  BP.  At the time, BP was employed by a company called J. C. Evans that did a lot of the blasting in Austin and the surrounding towns.  He was talented in his trade and did a lot of work in Central Texas, costing him much of his hearing, but making the area more navigable for the rest of us.

BP was around 90 years old when he passed a couple of years ago.  He was a great man and he will be missed.

His story makes me wonder about the story of the man whose estate was being dissolved.  Did he work in demolition?  Where and for how long?  What kind of a man was he?  These kinds of questions are a big part of what makes secondhand-ing such a thrill.  You never know what you’re going to find, but there’s a good chance it’ll have some history attached to it.


David Glass


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