“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” – Bruce Lee

Did you know that when you cast a vote in the presidential election, your vote does not go to the actual candidate?  Instead, it goes to a member of the Electoral College who is anticipated, but not obligated, to vote for the candidate that you voted for.  Then, a month later, the electoral votes are counted and the winning candidate is announced.  Should the elector decide that his or her state’s votes would be better suited for the candidate that won the popular vote, they can vote accordingly, thereby negating the popular vote (Remember 2000?).  In its history, the Electoral College has overturned the popular vote FOUR TIMES! (Adams vs Jackson in 1824, Hayes vs Tilden in 1876, Harrison vs Cleveland in 1888, and Bush vs Gore in 2000).

Wait, what?  I’m sorry, but that just seems like a total crock.  Not to say that I disagree with how the elections turned out, but I just have a hard time understanding the reasoning behind the over-200 year old EC in modern times.  The author of the above article mentions that we shouldn’t get rid of the EC because even though there those four elections that didn’t go with the popular vote, every other election did.  I want to know why we still need it if the vast majority of the elections have just gone with the popular vote anyway.  It just seems like having that electionary middle man is getting in the way of our freedom.

I’m sure the Electoral College had a purpose two hundred years ago, when democracy was new and people didn’t know how the process worked or didn’t care, but this is the age of information and we all have a basic understanding of how this voting thing works.  Why do we need other people to pass the vote on for us?  In my opinion, we don’t.  It’s an antiquated system and it’s a waste of time.  Let’s simplify the process and let the voice of the people truly be heard.

I’ve spoken before about the importance of simplification.  If we are going to have a government that is going to be as efficient as we are ourselves, we’ve got to start objectively searching out and eliminating redundancies and other major time-wasters because time is money and government officials are burning through both like there’s no tomorrow.

This is a small part of a bigger problem that I will continue to discuss over time.  Topics to come will include welfare, unemployment, bipartisanship, Congressional reform, and much, much more!  Be sure to follow my blog for more insights and visit me on Instagram @thatmanglass for the visual accompaniment.  I appreciate your time and I know that together we can stop wasting it.


D. Glass


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