[Part One of Two] “Sure there are dishonest men in local government. But there are dishonest men in national government too.” – Richard Nixon

It’s a hard time for me to criticize the government.  Let me clarify.  It is not a hard time for me to be critical of the government, but it is a difficult for a lot of people to feel comfortable openly criticizing it.  When I logged on to start this post, the rainbow banner at the top of the WordPress dashboard reminded me that same-sex marriage has been legalized which is a strange thought to me, not because I’m opposed to same-sex marriage (I’m very much in favor of it, more on that shortly), but because the antonym for “legal” that comes to mind so readily is “illegal.”   Same-sex marriage wasn’t illegal per se before the Supreme Court ruling, but in a way it was.

It’s no secret that the LGBT community has suffered through a world of physical and psychological abuse for ages.  Fear and hate have created an environment that has, in some cases, cost innocent people their lives.  In 2010, my good friend Troy was brutally murdered about six months before his 25th birthday because he made “unwanted sexual advances” toward another man while they were hanging out at the apartment that Troy shared with his mother.  It was a heinous crime that robbed the world of one its kindest and most gentle spirits and it continues to haunt his friends and family.

This is one of countless incidents that have resulted in the unwarranted persecution of an innocent person.  Someone who was exercising their American right to the pursuit of happiness.

We cannot change the way people think, and we should  but we can ensure that the government does not stand in the way of that same right.  I am proud of the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.   I am happy that all people can have the opportunity to have their lifelong commitment to one another recognized and celebrated.

I am happy about that..


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