[Part Two of Two] “Sure there are dishonest men in local government. But there are dishonest men in national government too.” – Richard Nixon

What?  No signature?

No “Happily, Glass” to wrap up that last post?

What is going on here?

I’m not done!

I wanted to separate my feelings about the same-sex marriage ruling from my feelings about the smoke-and-mirrors-y air that surrounds this momentous occasion.  As I said in Part One, it’s a hard time for a lot of people to openly criticize the government now that it has so “bravely championed this victory for human rights” or whatever (I made up that quote-unquote quote although I’m sure very little Googling would’ve uncovered something strikingly similar) but I am unimpressed with the so-called SCOTUS.  I think that this recent Supreme Court Ruling of the United States (#SCROTUS) was nothing more than an attempt to divert attention from the Obamanation (pronounced abomination) that is the Affordable Care Act.

Affordable for whom?!

It would have cost The Family Glass over $1000 each month (?!?!?!) to get insurance through the public school district that I work (pronounced worked) for.  A third of that was just for the Baby and I and two-thirds (more or less) was to add coverage for Holland!  In other words, I can add the amazingly powerful and magical stay-at-home champion that I am so fortunate to be married to onto my health insurance coverage without more than double my monthly premium, an amount which represents about 25% of my overall annual income.  The Healthcare Marketplace wasn’t much better.  For reliable ‘insurance’ (click HERE to see why that’s in quotes), a copay under $50, and an out-of-pocket maximum that didn’t make my head spin, I’d still have to shell out close to a grand.

Here is a list of factors that have made our insurance unaffordable:

1.  We refuse to put Baby Glass in daycare, making us pretty much a one-income family

2.  We all like to spend time together, making second jobs difficult

3.  I am an elementary school music teacher and my salary puts me $300 over the bracket for a family of our size to benefit from the Marketplace.

It is already hard.  Affording insurance (which we just can’t do at this point) would make it impossible.

Maybe, hopefully, your situation is different.  But this is our truth, our life, and it is largely the result of the Affordable Care Act.

Also, you should look into the other Supreme Court rulings that were handed down, like the poorly researched clean air ruling that will cost companies $10 billion a year to comply with.  I am definitely a huge proponent of clean air, but if due diligence is not done, then compliance with the regulations doesn’t happen as efficiently as it could and should.

I worry about the state of our nation.  I worry about the tactics that are used to disillusion and take advantage of good-hearted people.  [Proposed solutions coming soon]

I will leave you here, Dear Reader, with encouragement to inform yourself and always question.  We can fix this all, I’m sure of it.

And here, in closing and in spite of it all, I sign my farewell:



P.S. – Sorry for my absence of late.  I have been travelling across our great nation.  More on that later as well.


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