Secondhand Sunday! Typewriter Edition Pt. 2


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This week’s SHS is another member of my typewriter collection. This Rover 5000 Super Deluxe portable manual typewriter was an steal at $5 from a booth at Bussey’s Flea Market north of San Antonio, Texas. Everything is original and in outstanding working order. Definitely a prize.  

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Secondhand Sunday


Today’s (yesterday’s) SHS is another awesome one.  I took Friday off from work because I wasn’t feeling well and there has been a lot of negativity at work lately.  So we three Glasses set out looking for estate sales amongst other things.  We hit three really good sales and got a really solid haul. I want to take the time to focus on each of the more substantial pieces, so I’ll start here.

Mrs. Glass spotted this box at our last stop and was immediately drawn to it.  It is crate that once contained 500 DuPont blasting caps.  She feels an extra attachment to it because her grandfather, known to all as BP, was a dynamite man back in the 1970s.  Yeah, I said it.  A Dynamite Man.  How cool is that?  If you’ve ever been to the western side of Austin, Texas, you’re probably familiar with the cliff faces that line the major thoroughfares in that area.  Do you know who had a hand in creating those beautiful geological edifices?  That’s right.  BP.  At the time, BP was employed by a company called J. C. Evans that did a lot of the blasting in Austin and the surrounding towns.  He was talented in his trade and did a lot of work in Central Texas, costing him much of his hearing, but making the area more navigable for the rest of us.

BP was around 90 years old when he passed a couple of years ago.  He was a great man and he will be missed.

His story makes me wonder about the story of the man whose estate was being dissolved.  Did he work in demolition?  Where and for how long?  What kind of a man was he?  These kinds of questions are a big part of what makes secondhand-ing such a thrill.  You never know what you’re going to find, but there’s a good chance it’ll have some history attached to it.


David Glass


[Hello again, Dear Reader!  Let me start with a little self-deprecation and tell you how worthless I feel looking back and seeing that the last time I posted a substantial post was last week.  I have about three other major ones in the works that I will hopefully have done this week, so hopefully I can get my former pace back up.  Anyway, let’s continue..]

Today’s featured Secondhand Sunday item is a very special one to me.  I have a collection of four typewriters that I have gathered over the years, but this one take the cake.  It is a portable manual Smith-Corona Classic 12 and it’s in extremely good condition.  I got it from my parents for my birthday in 2013 and while that’s cool and all, it gives me a chance  to take a moment and highlight the original owner of this typewriter.

My ‘Aunt’ Marlene was an elementary school teacher for 30+ years and she remained one of the sweetest and most caring people I have ever met.  She truly adored her students and they, in turn, cherished her.  Marlene and my mom worked together at the same school for a number of years and bonded over quilting, cooking, and (although by marriage on my mom’s account) a common Czechoslovakian heritage.  She tragically passed away several years ago now, but her family didn’t have an estate sale until a couple of years ago.  My parents had attended and found this typewriter, which has now made its way to me and it is my most prized typewriter and one of the finest things I own.

I will always miss Aunt Marlene.  She was a great lady and the world was lucky to have her.


D. Glass

Secondhand Sunday


Today’s SHS post features a pretty sweet tweed briefcase and a ‘golden’ frame that Mrs. Glass and I found at an estate sale in San Antonio, TX.  The briefcase has three accordion-style sleeves and a couple of pockets on the inside.  It’s lined with suede (maybe) and has a numeric combination lock.

The frame is a 8×10 and is just overall awesome.  Thanks for stopping by.

Inside that amazing #secondhandsunday briefcase

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Secondhand Sunday!


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Today I’m combining finds from a couple of estate sales. These were all really amazing deals. The Walt Whitman book (mine) and the glasses (Mrs. Glass’) were two bucks total. The baseball bat, an original Louisville Slugger, was a quarter at another sale and the Rand McNally road map book was I think ten cents.

The Rand McNally book is awesome and has this amazing red and blue graphic for the roads inside.

The Slugger is a beast.

And Mrs. Glass looks super cute in those glasses.

More to come.

Eyes peeled,

D. Glass

Secondhand Sunday

This week’s #secondhandsunday features our first estate finds as a married couple!  Mrs. Glass and I took Baby Glass to Portland, Oregon in April of 2013.  It was part honeymoon (We were married January 2013), part reconnaissance mission (we are ever-striving to live in the Pacific Northwest, especially the Portland area), and part family visit (my wife’s aunt and uncle live in Washington state).  We had an amazing time driving around looking for place to live because at the time we were certain that one of the many, many jobs in that area that I had applied for at the time would come through. [

Not one of them did, but we obviously didn’t know that then]

One of the jobs I had applied for was in the Educational Technology department at Reed College, near Portland, so we drove out to see the campus and scope out potential housing in the vicinity.  On our travels, we spotted signs for an estate sale which turned out to be at the home of a late professor from the school.  His items were amazing and we wish we had had the budget and luggage to get more than we did, but we are very happy with our selections.

The book is amazing.  It has a bunch of historical pictures and maps of the evolution of Portland from a tiny shipping town into the bustling metropolis that it had become in the 1970s, when the book was written.

The fishing reel is a vintage Four Brothers Pontiac #357 trolling reel complete with a near-full spool of line.

The flashlight is a Ray-o-vac Hunter lantern, which has sparked in me a love for vintage flashlights.  I only have two so far (the other one is another estate sale find, to be featured at a later date), but I look for them everywhere I go.

All in all, a hell of a good run for our first estate sale together.

Happy hunting,

David Glass

“I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect – they are much more interesting.” – Marc Jacobs

Secondhand Sunday! ( #secondhandsunday )

Mrs. Glass, Baby Glass, and I like to spend our Sundays at estate sales, garage sales, flea markets, etc. so I thought I would take some time each Sunday to feature the items we found that day, or showcase some of our favorites finds from the past.  Today, I have two books that we got for a dollar a piece at The Friends of the Library book sale a couple of towns over: J. D. Salinger: A Life Piloting, Seamanship, and Small Boat Handling by Charles F. Chapman.


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I have a lot of authors that I really love reading, but when people ask who my favorite is, I have to go with J. D. Salinger.  Franny and Zooey is quite possibly my favorite book of all time.  Nine Stories changed so much about how I perceive the world.  All of his characters are exactly as deep and complex as they need to be and the world he created behind them, though strikingly similar to our own, seems so much more romantic and liveable.  I’m really looking forward to reading this biography.

There has always been an air of wonderment surrounding The Sea.  My dad was in the Navy when he was younger and growing up, I would go through his old Navy Handbook and marvel at everything it held.  This helped to ignite my interest in the military, boats and the sea itself, and everything that I’ve learned about the ocean and marine life has contributed to that.  This book promises to be a nice balance of small ships and the water they sail on, as well as an equally nice balance of information and awesome imagery.